larry wagner
Failure Analysis

In addition to consulting, LWSN Consulting can provide training in the following areas with typical durations indicated:

Semiconuctor Failure Analysis (1-2 Days depending on course focus)

Chemical Analysis in Semiconductor Failure Analysis (Half Day)

Chemical and Microscopy Analysis in Semiconductor Failure Analysi (Full Day)

Semiconductor Reliability (Half Day)

Semiconductor Quality and Reliability (Full Day)

LWSN Consulting provides consulting services for Integrated Circuit Failure Analysis.  Larry Wagner has 30 years of failure analysis experience at Texas Instruments.  His experience in Failure Analysis Management provide a solid basis for providing support in the following areas:

  • Customized FA Training
  • Support of Setting up New FA Labs
  • Assessments of FA Capability
  • Problem Solving Facilitation
  • Standardizatin of FA Processes across Labs
  • Other FA Management Issues

Larry's vast experience includes:

  • Leading TI's Quality Organization Failure Analysis Activity including Assessment and Capital Support
  • Author of "IC Failure Analysis: Tools and Techniques"
  • Many Tutorial Presentations including ISTFA, IRPS, ESREF, IPFA
  • Support for set up of new FA Labs in Shanghai and Midland, Tx

Larry has been in many leadership roles:

  • President of ASM International
  • Founder and First President of the Electronic Device Failure Analysis Society
  • First Editor of EDFAN (Electronic Device Failure Analysis Newsletter, now a Magazine)
  • Two time chairperson of the Sematech Product Analysis Forum
  • Member of the Sematech Quality Council
  • Chair of the 1995 International Symposium for Testing and Failure Analysis