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Communication Skills Training

LWSN Consulting offers customized Communications Skills Training.   We can tailor classes to the current state of communications skills and time availability. Skills to communicate effectively make employees more effective and efficient. Listening is a particularly important skill for success. Many believe communication is about better presentation but much more improvement is available on the listening side of communication. Look at what Tom Peters has to say about strategic listening.  This training is focused on actionable skills:

Training options includes:

  • Active Listen Skills
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback
  • Influence Skills
  • Conflict Management
  • Presentation and Other Communication Methods are also available

Skill practices are geared to the specific workplace issues in order to make them more realistic and useful.

Class lengths can be adjusted to fit the requirements, ranging from 2 hours to one day or more. 

NEW!!!! We have a one day program developed for ASM which was scheduled as a short course 

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The Trainer 

Larry Wagner coordinated a focused training activity for the world wide Quality Organization of Texas Instruments.  This training included Communication Skills Training as well as technical material.  His activities included elements of the development and delivery of the Communications Skills materials.  This included development and delivery of materials for Asia.  This training has improved the effectiveness of Quality Professionals at Texas Instruments.

Larry has been in many leadership roles:

  • President of ASM International
  • Founder and First President of the Electronic Device Failure Analysis Society
  • First Editor of EDFAN (Electronic Device Failure Analysis Newsletter, now a Magazine)
  • Two time chairperson of the Sematech Product Analysis Forum
  • Member of the Sematech Quality Council
  • Chair of the 1995 International Symposium for Testing and Failure Analysis